Managed IT Services For Tampa Law Firms:

Is Your Current IT Services Company Cutting Corners, Overcharging You, And NOT Protecting And Securing Your Computer Network As Well As They Should?

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Scott Beene

Co-Managed IT Services

We augment your internal IT department to manage your firm's technology as a Profit Center.

Managed IT Services

We’ll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee.

Help Desk

We offer assistance with network and computer issues.

Data Backup & Recovery

Prevent the unexpected from ruining your company.

Network Security

Let us help you keep your company's data safe.

We are the only professional information technology management services company in Florida that has for 16 years, passionately promoted the philosophy that Information Technology properly managed, helps your firm achieve higher NET profits.

Achieved by increasing your firm's employee monthly productivity by as much as 2%, protecting your client's personally identifiable information, safeguarding your firm's data, and securing your client's escrowed data.

...and we have the client testimonials to prove it.

I Do Not Have to Be An IT Person Anymore

We know the IT services expense every month.  It’s a flat rate, based on per-user pricing, so We Can Budget and Expect That Expense Every Month.

Recommendations for maintenance or upgrades are made usually before Notifying Us Before Any Situation Becomes Dire.

We consistently have immediate service.  It means Our Partners and Staff are Constantly Working and Billing our clients.

Recommendations for equipment are tailored to the needs of our business at Affordable Prices.

We are never recommended peripherals we do not need.  Your pricing has changed only once (or twice?) for a nominal amount in all our years of working with Diversicom.

I can Devote my Time to Managing the Office or performing work for a client.

Office Manager
Smith, Tozian, Daniel & Davis, P.A.
Tampa FL
Diversicom Corporation
5 / 5 stars

Our IT Is A Profit Center

Diversicom is not trying to make a buck at our expense, they are saving us money.

Diversicom allows our staff to be more productive.  More production means More Profit for us.

I have never come across a company like Diversicom, whose Singular Passion is to help me Succeed and Be Extremely Profitable.

I Recommend Scott and his excellent company without reservation to any Growth and Profit focused C-Level executive who wants to leverage technology to support the Success of Their Business.

VP of Operations
Tampa FL
Diversicom Corporation
5 / 5 stars

Clear Expectations Yield Higher Profits

Having a technology management partner that understands where I am trying to go, and what I want to do is an important facet of Profitable Business Management.

Determining Technology Essentials, as opposed to, the Nice-to-Have Technologies in my business have all been clearly articulated with the Diversicom team.

This constant dialog allows my team to really set Clear Business Expectations.  The Diversicom Team Fully Understands how much better it is to know these important facets of my business.

Diversicom’s proven technology management strategy will consistently Protect our Firm’s Long-Term Profitability.

Most Insurance, Inc.
Tampa FL
Diversicom Corporation
5 / 5 stars

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Let’s face it, not all IT consultants are created equal. The question is, which one will give you honest, straightforward and ACCURATE advice and which ones will overcharge you, not deliver on promises and (potentially) make things worse due to gross incompetence? Don’t trust your critical IT operations to just anyone!

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