With Guardian-IT Co-managed Services, we augment your internal IT department with our Team of Technology Experts. Your Internal IT Staff knows your firm's Employee Workflow and Business Processes. With our co-managed IT services model, we overlay our Team's Extensive experience with Advanced Technology Management Processes onto your current IT structure. With our technology expertise, we will work with your technology team to build a Technology Management Strategy that's aligned with your business processes, help manage your day-to-day IT operations, and Maximize your Technology Investment as a Profit Center for your Firm.

Our Guardian-IT Co-managed Services Program includes:

  • Managing Your Technology Infrastructure as a Profit Center
  • Advanced Technology Management Strategy Development
  • IT Technology Asset and Application Monitoring & Management
  • Preventative Maintenance for Your Network and End-point Environment
  • Escalation Support for your Internal IT Team
  • Managed End-point Security

Add-on services include:

  • Advanced End-Point Protection
  • Real-Time Back-up & Disaster Recovery
  • Private Cloud Computing
  • Proactive Data & Network Security
  • Enhanced Document Management, Client Portal, & Elimination of Email Attachments