Your business depends on your IT systems. We’re confident that we are the only network services, computer support, or IT consulting business in Tampa that provides these benefits to your business.

Here are the reasons you can depend on Diversicom Corporation to keep you and your business up and running:

  • Protecting your Client’s Escrowed Data – Guaranteed – Law Firm’s often must maintain Highly Confidential Client Financial and Personal information in electronic format. Keeping that information secure, as well as, maintaining strict controls of authorized access is a major concern of a Law Firm’s clients. The Diversicom Team can ensure that his mission critical process is supported by a proven Technology Management Strategy.
  • Cybersecurity and Compliance Experts – The #1 Threat to the successful growth and profitability of Law Firms is the increasing sophistication and proliferation of the Cybercriminal Business Industry. Cyberextortion and Cybertheft of Personally Identifiable Information and Business Financial Information is a Multi-Trillion Dollar industry that is growing exponentially each of the last four years. The Diversicom team has many years of in-depth network security experience and has completed hundreds of hours of advanced network security training from multiple vendors covering multiple technologies.  All our technical staff have achieved advanced college degrees in technology, as well as, completed and passed extensive and comprehensive Florida State Government background checks.
  • Increase Your Firm’s NET Profit By An Average of 1.5% - At Diversicom Our #1 Core Business Philosophy is that we Passionately Promote the Conviction that Technology that is Properly Managed will Substantially Increase your Team Member’s Productivity - Which supports the Increase of your Firm’s NET Profit.  By incrementally recapturing as little as 5 minutes per day of productivity per employee, our proven Technology Management Strategy converts unproductive costs into revenue generating opportunities.  Compounding this recaptured revenue generating productivity over days and months will yield increases in your firm’s billable hours.  If your Information Technology Infrastructure is NOT doing that – it should be fired.
  • Our Clients Become the Top 15% of US Businesses – The majority of our clients are firms that have been in businesses for more than 10 years and are Championed by Growth-Focused Managers and C-Level Executives that have proven track records of consistent comparative annual growth rates exceeding 5%.  These business managers are dedicated to working ON their business, as opposed to working IN their business.  Growth-Focused Business Leaders depend heavily on Trusted Partners to Delegate responsibility for select Mission Critical Business Operations – Including the Effective and Strategic implementation of a Firm’s Information Technology Management Strategy.  There are unique challenges that growth-focused business Leaders face, and the Diversicom team has decades of experience with crafting and implementing successful technology management strategies that substantially support the increases in NET profits for high performance business enterprises.
  • Services ONLY – NO Product Sales! Diversicom is a True Managed Services Provider in that we DO NOT Sell or Market ANY Hardware or Software and have done so for over 12 years. This Unique Technology Services Business Model Fully Empowers the Diversicom Team to put our CLIENT’s Best Interest ALWAYS Ahead of the Sales Quotas of any Technology Software or Hardware Vendor. Our clients are afforded a highly effective and successfully implemented technology management strategy that can enhance their profitability - free from any conflicts of interest - that can arise from the sales and marketing demands of software and/or hardware vendors.
  • 5-Minue Response Time! All Calls Answered Live – Time is the one commodity that is extremely valuable to any Growth-Focused business enterprise. When you contact our office, You Speak With a Live Person. Our technical staff responds to our client’s requests in Minutes – NOT hours. Each Diversicom team member invests the necessary time to fully understand each technical support request so that your team members can quickly get back to productive work.
  • 30-Day Contracts – Contracts Cannot Replace a Great Relationship, therefore, we Do Not Depend on Contracts to Manage our Client Relationships and Neither should You.  Our clients can only realize the benefits of a profit-focused information technology management strategy through a win-win business relationship that exists between client and IT services company.
  • All Inclusive Fixed Monthly Fees – NO Hidden Charges, NO Add-on Charges, NO Trip Charges, and NO After-Hour and/or Weekend Support Charges for requested services. Our clients pay a fixed monthly fee for our technology management services.   Predictable costs empower our clients to accurately establish their information technology budgets. Our fees change only when your firm grows.  Since you know what those fees are, as you add new team members to support growth in your firm, you can accurately project IT related costs.
  • 19+ Years in Business / 70+ Years Combined Experience / 42% of Clients With Us for 10+ Years – Diversicom is One of The Oldest and Well-Established Technology Managed Services Providers in the Southeastern United States.  Our firm was a pioneer in the fixed-fee IT services business model for companies under 200 employees.  Diversicom not only survived three recessions, but we thrived through them adding new customers and expanding our services.  As your firm continues to grow and expand year after year, you can depend on the Diversicom Team to be there.